About Us

Who We Are

W3 is a sports marketing agency dedicated exclusively to the development of female athletes.

Our mission is to enable talented girls and women to reach their potential in sports and life;to provide the best possible solutions to female athletes in order to achieve their career and business goals; to contribute to the professionalization of sports management in women’ sports.

Women in sport is fundamental, at any level. Our vision is that every adolescent girl and young woman exercise their rights in any sports and break down the boundaries if necessary.



Sports sponsorships

We connect our female athletes with the most influential sports brands, helping them meet their needs. From sporting equipment, to bonuses and participation in events and/or campaigns.


Marketing opportunities

We seek for interesting business opportunities, tailored to each profile, to increase the online and offline presence of our female athletes; helping them to increase their visibility, impact and economic return. To do so, we work with national and international brands.


Brand image and storytelling

We’re creating value through interaction, to demonstrate concepts in a fully interactive environment makes sense. Through various fidelities of prototyping we can validate user flows, interactions with users and relevant stakeholders.


Raising Awareness about women’s rights and their role in sports

We want to support the development of women awareness in management and leadership in sports and help adolescent girl and woman exercise their rights in any sports and break down the boundaries if necessary.

We support the development of women’s skills in management and leadership in sports, we organize trainings, seminars, workshops and mentoring for any women who want to get in the sport industry.


Digital platform to express themselves

We give a digital platform for them to express themselves. This Women digital platform will allow women athletes to share their messages on their own terms and provide them the ability to speak freely without the restrictions major (sports) networks may provide.